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At Xerfia we craft technology, we believe in creativity, application and design.

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What We Do.

Xerfia is a software and Game Development company , here at xerfia we develop  everything that leads to technology, our group of creative professionals will help you in things from machine learning based data analysis to amazing product design.


We believe that world revolves around brands and you know it better, so we do. A simple word that connects people, isn't it amazing ? ... so we offer you help to make your company a brand unshaken.

Web development

idea is what inspires build great websites. Do you have ideas ? which stand out of the crowd ? if so then we are here to power your idea to reality

Software and game development

Software and game development are our core product's and services, from smart machine learning applications to image processing solutions we are here to help you with mostly all silicon valley trends.


As steve jobs quotes, " its not customer's job to know what they want" its your duty to show them what they need , keeping in mind the factors we market your products on personal level because we know marketing is a core system of any business.


  • Our only aim here at xerfia is to build something innovative, we believe in application and design.We are constantly researching on different technologies like machine learning, image processing and bigdata to bring you something great ! Here we have say "Think Something to Create Something" , Kudos !

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    shreyas kapale CEO, XERFIA


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You can email your queries related to our products and sevices , we request you to send personal emails, so that we can quickly work on your request's.

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Xerfia HQ , 590016  - Plot 603/B Shree Nagar , Belgavi , Karnataka , India

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N -  +91 - 789 26 28 145